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Royalties – Copyright
This website is a matter of the French and the international legislation on the copyright and the intellectual property.
The photographs, texts, slogans, drawings, images, sound animated sequences or no as well as any works integrated in the website are Belle et Sercète ownership or the one-thirds'having authorized Belle et Secrète to use them. Logos, icons and graphic chips represented on the website are protected in conformance with copyright and articles L.511.1 and followings of the intellectual property Code concerning the protection of registered designs.
All the reproduction rights are reserved and strictly limited, including for the downloadable documents and the iconographic and photographic representations.
The brands quoted on this website are registered by the companies which are owners.
Any unauthorized use of all or part of these rights by one-third may lead to prosecution.

Content of the website
The information which appear on are supplied as general informations. The informations and illustrations are not contractual and do not engage Belle et Secrète responsability towards the reader for the consequences of the use that he could make for himself or for the account or aimed at one-third. They cannot be used to contradict any existing contractual measure or to come between Belle et Secrète and the user.
Belle et Secrète is not responsible in case of delay of update, error or omission as for the contents of the present pages, as well as in case of interruption or permanent or temporary unvailability of the service. Even if Belle et Secrète is doing everything possible to ensure the accuracy and veracity of the information on the website, Belle et Secrète is not responsible in any way for damages arising out of the use of the website.
Belle et Secrète reserves the right to correct, at any time and without notice, the content of this website.
The reproductions on a paper base of the website and the works which are reproduced are authorized there under reserve that they are strictly reserved for a personal and private use. It excludes any use for advertising purposes and/or commercial, and/or for information and/or they are consistent with the provisions of the the article L.122-5 of the intellectual property Code.
Any reproduction, representation, use or variation by any means and any format of all or part of this website, of all or part of the different works which make it up, without having obtained the prior authorization of the editorial director is strictly forbidden, establishes a complicity to defraud and can follow up of civil and/or criminal prosecution as well as in the payment of damages.

Access to website
The user of the website recognizes to have the competence and the necessary means to access and use this website.
Belle et Secrète could not be held accountable for the elements and events out of his control related to use of the website and their effects or material and/or software incompatibilities and the damages which could potentially result for the user's technical environment, in particular his computers, sofwares, network equipments and quite different equipment used to access or use the service and/or the inormations.
It's reminded that the fact of accessing or of remaining deceitfully in a computer system, to impair or distort the functioning, to introduce or to amend deceitfully data of such a system is an offense punishable by criminal penalties.

Hypertext links
The website authorizes the development of a hypertext links to its content, subject to : 
- authorization of the editorial director of the website
- not to use the "deep linking" technique, that means the pages of the website must not be imbricated inside the pages of another website but accessible by the opening of an application window.
- mention the source of the hypertext link
Any use for commercial purposes or advertising executives is excluded except the provisions.
This authorization does not apply to the websites which disseminate information with polemical, pornographic, xenophobic content or being able, largely, to undermine in the sensibility of most people.
Belle et Secrète is not responsible for the contents of the website proposed in links, regardless of the type of link from or to  Belle et Secrète reserves the right to oppose the making.

Collected informations on the website
Any collected data on this website, by any means, are the reserved use for Belle et Secrète.
In accordance to section 34 of the law 78-17 on Computer and Freedom of the 6th of January 1978, the user has a right to access, modify, correct and delete information concerning him or her.
To exercise this right, the user must send an email to :

The informations based on this website through forms are subject to IT processing aimed at developing a business proposition. The addressee of the data is Belle et Secrète.
In accordance to the Computer and Freedom law of the 6th of January, 1978, the user has the benefit of a right to access and correct information concerning him or her. 
To exercise this right, the user must send an email to :